Specialised in advertising and commercial work, including portraiture, fashion, beauty, editorial, actor’s headshots, events and corporate photography.

Model / Actor Headshots

Our goal is to give you a marketable image.  Headshots were once reserved for the working actor looking to impress a casting director/ producer of a major production.  Not anymore.  Your clients, customers, patients or potential employers are checking you out through Google, Facebook, Twitter or whatever.  I will be directing you into what will become a marketing tool.  Your image.  You’ll leave our studio with the best and most natural headshot you’ve ever


Full Sessions

Two and a half hours of shooting with us and we’ll retouch your top five photos. We’ll shoot inside under the studio lights and/or outside at a location of your choice.  You’ll have numerous “looks” to market yourself and will end up with dozens of photos that you and Peter will approve before you leave the studio.  You get to keep all of these photos. If you want more than 5 retouched, it’s $XX/photo. Your photos will be fresh, professional and always shot maximum control of light. Using our wide range of light modifiers will produce a superior result, every time.


Mini Sessions

One hour of in-studio shooting with us and we’ll retouch your top two photos. Clothing, hair changes and many different “looks” will be covered. You’ll see your unedited photos before you leave the session. If you want more than 5 retouched, it’s $XX/photo.