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PQP Full Re-Brand

We had the opportunity to re-brand the whole visuals for Palmera Quality Products NV.

Palmera Quality Products (PQP) has been founded by Mr. Jan Eman and Mr. Yan Tai Eman in 1965. Our company has been contributing for more than 60 years to the Aruban economy. Initially PQP started with blending and producing only one Rum; the only local blended Rum – Rum Palmera.Throughout the years its product portfolio has grown; more Rum types have been added and other (non) alcoholic beverage has been added to the product line. The company has grown in products and personnel; currently produces and imports an impressive portfolio of different spirits.


Menu Production

Are you opening a restaurant and not sure what menu design is right for your company? Sketch is here to help! We understand that creating a menu can be complicated as there are numerous choices to be made for your new design.

Full menu ProductionAre you an established restaurant that needs a menu redesign? Sketch can help with redesigns too! We understand that your menu is one of the key branding tools for your company and if it does not represent your restaurant, this can hurt restaurant sales and the opportunity for repeat business.

Sketch Advertising has a profesional and experienced design team on staff to take your menu design ideas and turn those ideas into a colorful and vibrant tool that is representative of your restaurant. Your menu is the #1 selling tool for your restaurant, why not make it look as good as the food you are serving!

We understand you restaurant uniqueness! and therefore your menu should be unique as well. Our extensive experience, local and international, in restaurant menu engineering ensure that the latest menu design techniques and concepts will produce the greatest return results. In addition to the design, we can also help you with item placement, food photography, and make overall marketing suggestions for your restaurant. All under the same roof, no needs to deal with different providers.